Mmmmm Hmmmm

I'll take some poo in the face for this, but I'm frickin sick and tired of hearing of the Avett Brothers. It wouldn't be so bad, but all their fans are absolutely mental.

1.) They ask, "Have you heard of the Avett Brothers?"
2.) When I answer, "Yeah, sure." They look at me with supreme disappointment and possible disbelief.
3.) After they tell me how amazing they are, they always ask, "Do you like them?"
4.) After I say, "No, not really," they then presume to go off with some serious haterade on yours truly. I mean, how could possibly not like the Avett Brothers?

Well I'm not going to go into details on the subject, but if you want to talk about it or cry on my shoulder, call me or hit the "Contact the Revolu" link to the right. I'll keep it short. I don't like them. I won't spurn on a debate here, but since the band is now signed to Columbia frickin records EVERYONE should know about them now, and we can all avoid the 4 point conversation above.


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Patricks said...

Thank you...for the love...