Not the deer like animal

More interesting musical notes. This guy is the mastermind behind the psychedelic, electronic group known as Caribou. This cat has a PhD in mathematics. I hadn't heard about them until I watched a show of there's on PitchforkTV, a site I frequent multiple times on a daily, daily, daily basis for updated music news. Here's a couple videos of the band. It looks like something taken straight out of a 60's movie. Here's a few vids that are titled Live from the Pink Room (whatever that means):

She's the One


Twins and Bees

And then there's this video that I saw that made me go buy their records. These cats are mad creative.

Caribou Live at the Pitchfork Music Festival

(OMG! you've never heard of caribou! what!? they sound like shite?! what the frick is wrong with you?! OMG!?)


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