Finally in

We moved in the new house in Raleigh. Everything is in. And it is complete chaos. The AC broke on our first day so we had a nice hot night in Raleigh for our first night. I'm hoping it gets fixed as I type. There have been a slew of problems, but we are still here in one piece. No big news to really report yet.

I'm reading Kerouac still. It's good. Much better the second time around.



Emily said...

Ahh you are in Raliegh! Weird! At least you have AC to fix, it could always be worse! Hope you've cooled off somewhere! Welcome to your new town! Sweet blog by the way I haven't checked it out in a while and it's transformed!

thomas said...

i'd send you a housewarming gift, but i wouldn't want to add to the temperature.

congrats anyways!