Not sure what to write. The last two weeks have been an absolute blur. We are in our new house. 9 walls have been painted. Towel rods have been hung. Pots have been organized. Work has been crazier than ever for the both of us. As stressed as I am when I get home, I have no worries really. The only problem is things don't seem to work here. The AC gave us 3 days of pure agony. Then it's the internet or the dishwasher or the outside lights, or the vacuum cleaner. Stupid things. I know these things might not bother most people, but it's the little things that get me. The stupid things. So I have to tell myself to settle. That little things are important, but you'll live. Tahoe will always continue to shed little black furballs in the corner of your room. Always. (Tahoe is our dog, if you don't know already.)

We had homegroup tonight which was good. Our church here is the most amazing part about our move. It is great to have that fellowship. It's easier for me because I know more people here than Jess does, but I think we are both coming to value how important this community is here. It has made this stressful move much easier.

And our friends Jason and Diana are having twins in November. Pray for them. Jason's blog is one my links to the left. Diana went into the hospital with some early (yes really early) contractions. As you could infer, this isn't a good thing. Keep them in your prayers. His blog can give you more detail on their situation than I can.

I hope to be back more frequently. Hopefully with some pictures.

Till then...stay safe.


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thomas said...

glad you guys are in and settling.
a great church is essential.
shame on tahoe.