Kids these days

If you need to take written notes for anything this little gadget sure would help:


Basically, it is a pen that records what you write, literally (no pun intended). For 200 bones this things stores 2 gigs worth of info when you write on their special paper. You can stop and start the recording via controls on the pen and on the paper. Sounds out there, but it looks legit. It will start recording when you tell it to and remember exactly the point in your notes (or whatever it is your doing, sketching, drawings, mapping, diagramming) in which you started the recording.

So it's hard to explain. The website has some promotional videos (cheese to say the least) that describe what this thing does, but you have to use the full package (the pen with the paper) to get the full potential of the thing. You can then upload your notes and it will turn it into a PDF for you.

Kids can take notes of a lecture and record what the professor is telling them and play back exactly what he or she said at that point in their notes. Pretty flipping sweet. Wish I had it during arch. school.

And I'm officially a geek and so are you for reading this.


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