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My friend and dear colleague Patrick asked me yesterday, "Brentimus, what is up with the handrail?" in reference to the photo below. I inferred that he did not understand why anyone in their right mind would post a picture of a handrail (is this two words or one word?). And to the naked eye it seems like any ordinary handrail, but alas! It is not.

I will make the comparison this way. Architecture to me is much like music. It is very analogous in this way, and it is one of the main reason I have chosen it as my current profession (one can make some amount of income within this profession as opposed to the musical field). You know when you here a song and you want to play it over and over again? You want to hear it's wondrous melodies and simplistic beats. Often times the best songs are the simplest ones. In their structure and perhaps in their lyrics. However, to write one of these glorious melodies can seem extremely difficult. Springsteen + Yorke make it seem easy. Buckley pulls it off in sublime nature. Music is easily accessible and understandable through the lips of Bono. Yet, for most this task of the glorious melody is insurmountable. It is impossible to most.

Simple yet complicated is the point here. I'll cut the drivel. The handrail in the previous post is very much the same. To you, it may seem like the ordinary handrail, a piece of bent metal turned 90 degrees to allow the meager vistor support up and down a staircase. But alas! This simplistic task went through a complicated process to achieve the glorious and beautiful.

It's not just a handrail. It's not just a melody. It is the beautiful imagination of the human spirit manifested in the most simplistic way.

The evolution of an idea into a magnificent creation.


(sorry, i realized i didn't really answer the question) - the handrail seems beautiful to me because it so simple, yet so hard to create (much like the streets have no name).

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"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others"