I guess I still don't have much to say. Labor day was nice and mellow. Just hanging in Richmond and riding rollercoasters. I haven't ridden a roller coaster in like 8 years. I hate waiting in lines, so it is hard for me to go to amusement parks. Plus there's all that other stuff.

Patience is my weakness. I can't just stand there. And then I feel ADD. Jess's sister Cass has an adorable 1.5 year old. He was sitting in front of the tele watching Sesame Street when she mentioned, "no wonder all kids are ADD." It's true. We turn them into this and then we tell them there's something wrong with them and pump there fragile systems full of drugs. Seems a little backwards.

I'm excited about the upcoming election. Lot's of interesting things to talk about. I find that people my age actually talk about them. People my parent's age tend to gloss it over. I'm guessing they have their mind's made up. I don't know. Perhaps not.

Our house is finally shaping up. The washer/dryer was put in last week. Our last HUGE purchase. Not really. Tahoe and Nallers need invisible fence stuff so they can romp through fields of gold. That will cost 300 bones. Next month. The costs just pile up.

No pictures this time. Only words to bore those of you that actually made it this far. I have a new phone though and it takes better pictures. Maybe I'll catch a few with that. Saw a praying mantis on a glass curtain wall this morning. It made me want to have a camera in my hand.


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