What is wrong?

Our "society [has become] polarized...it is as if the two sides stand across the great divide and shout at each other" without any resolution in anyone's mind. (1) It is for the shear act of shouting.

It would be very easy to hold a negative outlook on most of our culture (and I speak for America). We sit in one of the deepest economic crisises since what some call the Depression (with a capital "D"). I think that statement looms as tatic of fear. Our country is always under attack, scrutinization and turmoil. Iran and North Korea want to kill us with nuclear bombs. I think that statement looms as a tatic of fear. There is an excellent story on Iran in the Smithsonian magazine. Before you place your judgments on the East (since I'm sure you have them already), I'd suggest you read it.

The question "what is wrong with the world" looms. As I was reading the preface to GK Chesterton's Orthodoxy I was given a simplistic, yet brilliant answer. The London Times during Chesterton's day were taking submissions for essay's on this very topic. Chesterton's reply:

Dear sirs,

I am.

Sincerely yours,

GK Chesterton (1)


1 - From Orthodoxy, GK Chesterston, Chapter 1: Prophet of Mirth

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