Agent of Change

Forget about the election. Let's looks at some of the greatest songs called "Change" in our pop culture. Since both canidates are claiming to be agents of "change" I find this an appropriate topic for our Friday.

"Change", a song by Blind Melon from their 1992 album Blind Melon
"Change", a song by Conor & Jay, featured in the video game GTAIII
"Change", a 2005 song by Tracy Chapman on her album Where You Live, featured prominently in HBO promotions
"Change", a song by Bobby Darin, used in the film Beyond The Sea
"Change (In the House of Flies)", a Deftones song
"Change", a song by Fishbone on their 1988 album Truth and Soul
"Change" (Kimberley Locke song)
"Change" (Lisa Stansfield song)
"Change" (Sugababes song)
"Change" (Taylor Swift song)
"Change" (Tears for Fears song)
"Change", a song by John Waite

Source - Of course, Wiki

Look at that list yall! Bobby Darin! Tears for frickin Fears! Taylor effing Swift! And how would our world function without Blind the motha! Melon's version of this glorious word.


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