Bike chains + keys

Tuesday could not be really explained. I woke in usual fashion to misplacing my keys. Kate was sleeping on the couch, the in-laws were in the guest room and Jess was gone (remember that fact). I searched frantically for a half hour, hair still wet from my mild shower.

Keys. No where to be found. Ok. I'll just ride me bike in me slacks. Wake up the in-laws and pull the road bike out. Wait! Where are my clip in shoes? Where are my effin shoes?

Shoes. No where to be found. Ok. I'll just take Jess's bike. In-laws still awake and laughing. Kate was awake now. Nallers is just sitting in the middle of the room staring into space. Wait! The chain is broken?! What?! The chain is broken?! I can't ride this bike either. Merciful fathers!

Kate says, "Brent I'll just take you." But Kate you're in your pjs. Doesn't matter. Let's go. I'm late. Take the in-laws car to work and Kate drops me off just in time. Glorious. All the while Jess emails me later to state that the keys "are in her purse." Hmmmmm.

Then the insurance company calls later that afternoon and says they can compensate me for the stolen goods out of my poor Volvo. That was even more glorious. Hurray for Tuesday (cheers all around).


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