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For those that don't know, my wife Jess is awesome. You should check out her blog. She is quite the entertaining writer on many diverse subjects. But that is not what this post is primarily about. Jess laboriously cooks most nights for the two of us, and most definitely comes up with most of our dinner plan ideas. Last night we had what has infamously been called "Burrito Night." Apparently, her roommates Kate (blog URL omitted for obvious reasons, but it's out there. I don't want to get punched in the arm later when Kate comes to town) and Pam created "Burrito Night" whilst in college.

For those that don't know, burritos are perhaps the greatest creation on God's glorious planet, consisting of wondrous cheeses, beans, rice, peppers, onions and chicken (or steak if you like cows or tofu if you like well....tofu). Well Jess once again created some killah! burritos last night, so much that we have leftovers for like 2 days.

I just finished eating two of them. It is the largest lunch I've had at work in probably 3 years. It was a beautiful experience. All the while, my co-workers were drooling in agony while staring at their wheatty, dry bread turkey (or maybe tofu) and cheese sandwiches. You could sense the disappointment in their eyes, "why don't I have lunch like that?" Well, you see, you don't have lunch like that cos you don't have a rock star spouse that will cook it for you!

Now, to credit myself, I cut the peppers + onions and patiently washed the pots + pans, but yes, this marvelous leftover lunch was due to my crazy hilarious wife who cooked so patiently after a day of screaming (most likely frustrating) 7th graders.

How she does it I will never know.


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Kate said...

No fear Brentley, blog or no blog, I'm sure there will be much cause for me to punch you in the arm when I come to town next week!! Hooray for burritos though...Manna from the gods of deliciousness.