Well as most know, Jess and I moved to Raleigh back in August. It was a really hard, long thought, prayer intensive decision for us. We miss Asheville so much, but to say that we have been blessed here in our new home would be an understatement. For those that don't know, we attend a community church called Visio Dei.

This community has been so welcoming for us. And it has made our transition so easy.

As for an update on us, check our Flickr photos to the right for some visual display. Jess is teaching 7th grade at Daniels Middle School. She often sees her kids at the nearby movie theater where they say things like, "OMG! Is that your husband?!" She also entered us into a kickball league on Wednesdays. I'm working at Cline Design doing architecture. Music is consuming a lot of our extra time (which was a big reason for the move so that is a good thing). Currently playing at Visio twice a month, and Silver is gearing up for a record this winter. It is going well. We need 2 songs.

Wake up!

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