Thursday Thoughts

1. Best thing that I can think of about getting all your sweet musical gear ripped from your ghetto Volvo is that you get to look at new gear to replace it (we hope). It is really the only thing I can come up with. The hassle of insurance forms and claims is just ridiculous, cos I don't have all those reciepts even though I have photos of most of my stuff, I'm just hoping I don't lose a ton of money on some frickin wack job that thought it'd be cool to bust open my balling white wagon of a car.

2. One of the greatest things about my ghetto wagon is that it has seat warmers from '94 yall! And they still work. One word: Glorious! Cos on 40 degree mornings (only to get cooler this time of year), those radiating tubes of warmth are a glorious welcome in the morning.

3. Denali has a winter jacket. Dats right! A winter jacket that she waddles around the house in and looks completely bad ass. It's true. She is a fierce dog, especially with dat ski jacket on.

4. We're going to the fair tonight. Dats right, the fair. I've never been. I don't know why. I can't explain it. I've lived in this great state for all 27-1/2 years of my life, and I've never been to the fair. Well Jess will treat me to my fried food frenzy this evening. I also have a feeling it's going to be really cold. Like so cold I'll wish that our Honda Fit had some ghetto seat warmers.

6. Our kickball team is 4-0-1. I don't know how you draw in kickball, but we did. We should have been 5-0 but there was some silly umpiring going on. I'm not sure how we are undefeated either. We don't really do anything impressive, but hot heavens is it fun to kick a ball around and watch adults act like idiots.

Onto Friday!


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