Yesterday was nice. Real nice. I was enjoying the nice fall breezes, having lunch, reading + writing. I went back to my office to reside when a co-worker came up to me asking, "Do you own a white Volvo?"


"I think it just got broken into." Really. Ok. Sure. Whatevs. "No really?"

Well heavens yes, she was correct. I went out to the parking garage across from my place of work to find this. Well awesome. What are you going to do about that? Inside the car these mystery thieves made off with all of my drum cymbals, my digital sampler, my bass drum pedal and my stick bag. Final price tag: around 2500 bucks. Maybe these guys can tell me where to find my stuff.

But good news, this morning the window was replaced. The Volv had reached ghetto trash bag status, but for less than 24 hours. It was a glorious temporary replacement job to say the least. I was quite proud.

Retribution will most certainly come.



heanguy said...

Sorry Dude, hate it for the Volvo and even more for the equipment.

Brian said...

I really just hate it for the Volvo....poor car. If you want I think a crime fighting team of Nali/Tahoe and Murph could take care of this for you. think about it.