Another Radiohead post (and I've probably posted this before), but this is an excellent listen and a most excellent read. Regardless of who you vote for in this election, our nation is extremely desperate for some sort of redemption, some sort of rescue from all of the turmoil that surrounds us in our global world. Never before in my history as a human being has it ever seemed so tense, yet there is an "on your toes" excitement about what could happen next. I found this bit in the article link above quite interesting:

Yorke talked about corruption and lobbying in British politics, and said to be careful about pinning all of your hopes on one person.

And I believe that is true of just about anyone, whether it is a president, a father, a friend or a mother. Our nation has a tendency (and a very dangerous one), to place an enormous amount of pressure, and often times hope, on one person, thing and/or idea. This election embodies that idea to the umpteenth degree, and we must be cautious. But as much reluctance as I have, I cannot help to have an enormous amount of excitement on such a historic day as this one.

When I saw Radiohead live this past summer Thom Yorke alluded to that excitement. The crowd went crazy, but even as you watched the British band play you could sense a sort of reluctance in the music. It wasn't one of hope, but of realism and even as we head into this most awesome election day, we must hold to the things that make us all human and the things that makes us all sing: our mistakes and the grace that can come with them.



Emmie Grey said...

well stated, my friend...well stated.

me said...

The way I see this:
A lot people are heading to the polls for the first time because there is a person that has stirred something them in them to do so. No fault there. Wonderful that they are voting. But no excuse for this to be your first time. That is why the gov is able to get away with what they do. We dont watch them. Obama is a great person to rally behind. He is "it". He gets "it" and will win it. But, don't depend on him alone to bring "change" and "hope". He can not do it alone. And will not do it alone. Hold his feet to the fire and demand that actions he promised us to get him in office. Hold congress responsible. Hold your gov/mayor and city council responsible. It takes more than casting a vote, wearing a sticker, and waiting another 4 years to complain or open the newspaper to make a change. Jsut casting a vote today and walking away will not bring change. It takes chiefs and Indians to run a tribe.


Revolu said...

well stated "me"