Last week (and this week too) have been very hard for me. There is no doubt about it. But I've had amazing amounts of light + comfort. I went to see my grandfather on Saturday as he struggled through cancer. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to see in my life.

But he also got to see me and hear me tell him I love him one last time. He wasn't able to say anything back and it didn't matter. I knew it.

He was one of those father figures. Strong, determined, always supportive and always loving. That picture is from this summer on our family's massive RV trip. Pop was able to give it one last hurrah, and that trip will be remembered for the ages. The thought of an RV trip with your family gives most people the feeling of extreme fright and discomfort, but to take a trip like this was candy for me. Some of it was posted here: Zion. But Pop was right there and provided some of the brightest moments of the trip.

It's hard to lose him. It's hard to see him go. But right now he's in a bright, glorious place and there isn't an ounce of pain around.


Update: I've been overwhelmed with support in the form of text messages, phone calls and emails. And I'd like to say thank you. I never have good words to say at times like this, but it really does mean a lot. So again, thank you.


rawbin said...

we are so sorry Brent. So glad you got to see him.

we love you two.

thomas said...

man.... i'm sorry. i lost my mom to cancer. i spent the last week of her life with her. i went from getting stupidly drunk to praying with her for her salvation. it's such a huge range of emotions to deal with - i pray that god gives you peace to deal. much love.