A couple of observations about not having a job:

1. I don't really care if I get a shower in the morning or even in the evening. Really. This is not a suprise to you.
2. I buy 12 packs of PBR for 6 bucks. I've never done that before (not the drinking PBR part, but actually buying in bulk from Food Lion). This is not a suprise to you either.
3. I shimmied my way through a crawl space today and almost freaked out (I work construction. This is normal for most people working construction. If you don't work construction and shimmy your way through crawl spaces then you might need to see a psychiatrist). It scared the sh@t out of me at one point (I got stuck between the floor joists and the sickening dirt beneath my spine).
4. I read more than I used to. This is a good thing.
5. We're poor. This is probably not a good thing.
6. I listen to loads of Carrie Underwood + Taylor Swift + saunky country music...all whilst hanging light fixtures. Once again, not a good thing.

I'm done with this post and that is a good thing.



Anonymous said...

whoa....whoa....whoa brent. I read this and i have to call you out. i just heard taylor swift for the first time, and i have to say she is ok. if you close one eye....the woman(girl) sounds like Kathleen Edwards...and her writing isnt that bad either.
- bh

Juicy said...

Taylor Swift is NOT Kathleen Edwards, Brian-I-lump-all-female-artists-into- the-same-category-Hetherington. Kelly Clarkson shouldn't sing Patty either.