The office

No not that Office. The unemployment office is where I went this morning. There is nothing real positive about going to the unemployment office. The shear fact that you have to go into a building like this is so completely depressing that is makes your eyes hang down to your toes. Basically, the money I claimed for unemployment was not depositing into my bank account and after a massive series of phone calls for the entire week, I decided to go make someone angry and find out what was happening.

I didn't make anyone angry, except myself. I was quickly handed a sign up sheet and told to sit down. I ran out to my car and grabbed a book and prepared for the long haul.

You can imagine the people in an unemployment office. Most of them are in bad states of mind already, completely stressed out and depressed about losing their jobs. Then you have the guy giving the "what's up" sign to every other cat that walks in the door. Apparently he knows everyone here and there's quite a crew that rolls in on a weekly basis. It's ridiculous. He has a "Playboy" cell phone holder and talks about how he's "gotta get dat money!" and that'll he'll never marry because it "costs too much" and "women are thieves."

You could write a book about it (or a blog post will suffice). But then you have the old lady with the Christmas sweater that rolls in with banana bread just to thank the placement officer for helping her find a job.

It's quite the scene.


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