The Bullet Points

For people wanting to visit Raleigh, here's an excellent article by a website called NewRaleigh, that I have often linked to, about things to do for the casual visitor to my glorious, most current city.

Other things of note currently.  I've been working what seems like a full time job to book some Silver shows.  Excited to say that we booked Saturday February 21st in Raleigh at the Pour House Music Hall + Saturday March 7th at the Evening Muse in Charlotte.  I'm pretty stoked about it, cos they are Saturday dates, and hopefully all our friends will stay up late and watch us play phenomenal music.

I am on a massive Bob Dylan kick.  I've read his autobiography before, but I've been fumbling through this documentary of interviews of the musician dating from 1962 to the late 1990's.  It's enlightening and a gem of a read.  I also watched the movie No Direction Home for about the tenth time yesterday.  And I am currently listening to one of my favorite Dylan albums, Time Out of Mind produced by Daniel Lanois.

There is a ninja stomach virus floating around Raleigh.  Apparently my wife + I are the only 2 people (with about 2 other people I know) that haven't gotten this thing yet.  Apparently it is the most violent stomach bug known to man.  Given my phobia of throwing up + my hypochondriac nature, you can just begin to imagine what it is like around our house.  I feel sorry for my wife.  Let us pray for speedy recoveries for those hit with this most wretched disease.

I really need to take a shower.


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Dana Enzor said...

For one more day at least, the Enzors are Ninja virus free! Seriously feels like "I am Legend."

Day 37 of Virus attack: Adult Humans very susceptable to the virus. No means of defense. Washing hands regularly. Children seem to be less susceptable but still very vulnerable. Stil no cure for virus found.