Today has been a good day.  I got up.  I worked out.  I read and then got in the computer to record this little experiment.  This is a beat from a SILVER song.  I just played over it and then tried my best to sync up the video.  It didn't completely work, but for one mic and a sound board it doesn't sound too horrendous.

So I basically ripped off myself and I'm going to undermine my own band with my own beats to create my own record. That doesn't make any sense. But if I did, the cover of my own album would look like this and people would say, "oh dear. who is that? i must have that!"

But for all the Dems in the house. Say yeahyah! (this one's for Kate) I wish I could create glorious videos like this.


Brian said...

how is this Vs. anyone. that is 100% daft punk with O B A M A and That is correct said. That adam guy should get no credit. the guy playing with the toys should get more credit.

Brian said...

oh dear. who is that? i must have that!"