Snowed In Musics

Great part about this digital age is that you can listen to new music before it is released.  On this unemployed snow day (its still snowing outside as I type), here is a preview of Springsteen's new album, Working on a Dream, on   Animal Collective's + Andrew Bird's new ones are on there as well.  U2 also has a single out (Get on Your Boots - or something like that) that can be previewed for their March 3rd new release.  See the links below:

I'll share my thoughts later, but my initial thoughts on the Springsteen are tepid as well the new U2.  We shall see.  NPR also has an interesting article on the best albums of 2008 here.  Not sure why people think Radiohead's In Rainbows was a 2008 release, but if it was, it would most definitely be number one.  I listened to it again on the drive to Knoxville this weekend, and it is clearly one of the best albums to be released in the last 10 years.


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