Capital Happenings

Its been quite awhile since I've had a "real" post. And that is probably a shame since I haven't had a job for almost 3 months. To say that is completely terrifying to me. I haven't really found anything yet, and I am praying something might happen. Doors will open. Windows. Cupboards. Anything.

At the same time exciting things are happening as well. Jess's sister just had a baby girl, Silver has a CD coming out in two weeks. I have been playing loads of music. And that my friend is very glorious. Raleigh had its first big snow (we had like 6 or 7 inches) and Tahoe still likes to eat books.

I've been reading Kerouac and listening to Dylan.

I'm now at the Cameron Village Regional Library (free Internet) researching web design. Its pretty nice to be able to ride your bike in 70 degree weather, get out and go into a library and do some research and read Bruce Springsteen interviews. I'm currently reading the magazine Mojo. They've reviewed his new one and it's very positive. I didn't really have a good reaction to it (and granted I haven't let it really sit - I can't really afford to buy it). This magazine Mojo is quite entertaining however. I'd like a subscription, but it's too expensive too.

My friend Kate gave me this. I read parts of it everyday. Here are some albums I'd like to retrieve:

Guided by Voices
Woody Guthrie
Brian Eno
Joy Division
Billie Holiday

There is plenty of good stuff in there. It's one of those books you wouldn't really buy for yourself, but you always want to have one. So thanks Kate. It's been a great gift. Well I'm off to smoke my pipe and work on my graphic design website. Hopefully this will produce some revenue and alleviate some pressure.

Thanks for the notes y'all. We'll see you soon.


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