Observations at a Library

Thing about the library is that it's full of all sorts of people. Crazy people, cool people, weird people, strange people, boys, girls, women, men, homeless people, stay at home moms, babies, old people, new people.

I come to the library in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoons. Mostly to get work done. Sometimes to check out books. I have tried to immerse myself in literature in my unemploymentness. I'm reading books on small business, photoshop, graphic design, architecture, literature, poetry. It's really cool stuff. But the library can be distracting so I go the coffee shop. But the coffee shop can be distracting so I come to the library. Right now, the library is not as distracting as the coffee shop and the internet is faster.

There are lots of stay at home moms here (well they aren't really staying at home if they are here I guess). They walk in with crying two year olds and quickly send them off to the "Children's Section." I go upstairs to the "Reference Section" often sitting next to the magazines (I regularly read MOJO), but I can still hear those kids screaming their heads off. What architect designed this place? Then I remembered it was a firm that many of my friends work for in Raleigh.

The light is nice in here. There is a skylight in the atrium that splits the libray into two halves. It is a pretty easily conceived space. Most people don't recognize this, but I do. I recognize it every time I come in here. It's kind of a bummer that people just head straight for the internet section and forget they're walking up stairs.

Ever walk up a flight of stairs and recognize to yourself, "hey i'm walking up a flight of stairs" and then realize that you didn't think twice about it? You just walked straight up. One leg and then the next.


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