Silver Press

Silver has had some nice folks give us a few quick blurbs in print.  We're hoping it'll generate some buzz for our show Saturday in Raleigh and our new CD +/-.  Here are the links:

Cheers to new music!

As for other news, the other day my bass player friend John and I were flyering the craziness out of NC State's campus for our show when we smelled what seemed to be Bojangles chicken biscuits.  It was 10:30 so we were both starving, but didn't see a breakfast joint anywhere and turned around only to see the NC State Wolfline bus.  This doesn't sound odd, but John noticed, "hey the buses are powered by vegatable oil now."  Hmmmmmm.  "Perhaps that explains the glorious chicken biscuit smell."  Perhaps John.  We continued our tasks with the rumbling of stomachs.


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