The Bearded One

Yep. That's right. That is most certainly correct. I am about to blog about this. So go ahead and prepare yourself. I have long hair and a beard. Apparently every person on the face of the earth feels I have a "heavenly" look. Apparently every person on the face of the earth feels I look like this:

On the Mount

I had a few homies in the Food Lion a few months ago ripping on my "look."

"Oh snap son! When did da Lawd come into dis stoh? Lawd save me!" sayth the bag boy.
"Do you think the good Lord would be holding this 24 pack of PBRs?" sayth me.
"Ah dond know mahn. You tell me! Dahahahahaha." sayth the bag boy.

And again a man native from Africa asked me in the library (as I apply for my 37th job), "Did anyone tell you (laughs and pauses) that you....look just like (laughs again)...Jesus?"

Enter picture.

"Good lord. I've never gotten that one."

Official as it is I can't quite figure it out. Why do we actually hold this symbol, this image in our minds? It is automatic when people see me. I just look like this really cool dude who walked around saving the world.

I couldn't be any more far from it.



Dana Enzor said...

Jesus doesn't have "the swoop" in either of these pictures that you pull off so well! haha

heanguy said...

First, I couldn't help but sing some Killers while reading this:
"But he doesn't look a thing like JEEEZUS..."

Second, there was this time I was guarding you in frisbee and couldn't keep up. When I looked up, it looked like you were walking on water.

Makes one wonder...

Revolu said...

my sentiments exactly dana. i do not have the butt cut hair cut exhibited in both of those illustrations. alas, the tag on my "look" remains. perhaps jesus had a "swoop" after all and all of these artists were just bunk!

Brian said...

"Isaiah 53: .....He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him."

So really Brent, I would say your Food Lion people might be partially correct.

Revolu said...


it also says about the people observing that they were "all like sheep who'd wondered off and gotten lost."