It has been crazy. It snowed last weekend. It is a tropical oasis outside today. I have a massive cold because of it I think. I'm tired from a show in Charlotte this weekend, but it was a glorious time. I saw some old friends and made new ones. And played music. Yes. That is a good thing too.

Apparently this video of a sleep walking dog running straight into a wall is circulating the internet waves. I had six or seven emails from different people in different worlds (that is like circles - your work circle, your close friend circle, your high school circle, your church circle, your coffee shop circle, your musicians circle, ect.) all colliding to tell me to watch this video.

I mean if Anderson Cooper thinks its funny.

I've also had a lot of people asking me, "what is this Helios coffee shop?" These people are clearly not from Raleigh and clearly follow my Twitter feed which is to your right (also known as a "Stalkers Feed"). I spend a good chunk of my week at this place because they have good coffee and company, and they let me use the internets. I stumbled across this cool video showing Helios from a bird's eye view through an entire work day. Give it a looksy after you're down laughing out loud at that ridiculous dog video above.


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