Coffee + Ryan Adams ruins my life

The other thing you should know about me is that I love coffee and have a slight addiction to it. This has gotten worse since I lost my job. I frequently got headaches and migraines when I would try and go without it. The other thing that gives me headaches are things like this:

Ryan Adams Marries Mandy Moore

What the hell? For those that don't know me well, I admire Adams' music a good bit (The Shakedown on 9th St. comes from a Ryan song on his debut album Heartbreaker) but seeing this...well it's just gross. Mandy Moore? Really? Apparently she cried a little. Apparently I'm going to stab myself after writing this blog post. Wedding planner Chad Baker said this of the quick 8 minute wedding, "It was so romantic. It was awesome. I just can't stress how happy they seemed." This must have been a doozy to plan Chad. 8 minutes of pure bliss. I'm sure you packed it in.

Ok. Off my soapbox. Ryan will undoubtedly take flack in the press for this and most likely blog about how he hates everyone that can hear well out of their left ear, so I'll let it rest.

I just hope he can make a good record after this.


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