Clean Living

Some of you may know that I came across a job that is more like an opportunity.  Currently it is an unpaid position, but some really, really cool things could come out of it.  The basic premise is erasing the notion of "green" architecture and creating a more sustainable and smart typology of living for us all.  

Everyone today is pushing the "green" thing in whatever field you may be involved in.  There is "green" marketing, "green" toys, "green" napkins, "green" cell phones, "green" toilets.  Think about a product and then you can think of it in a "green" sense.  The true test will be for us to shed this label and just live our lives in a smart way all of the time.  That is the basic premise of CleanLiving.  It is to create, simply: low carbon, smart living environments for everyone.

We even have a twitter page as well as a blog to help track some of our progress.

And my Flickr page currently has some of the models I've been working on to generate some ideas for a few designs we can market this summer.   Hopeful things to come.


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