I don't know why (well I do) but I am avoiding Facebook. The whole process of signing up for another social networking application just scares me even though I take tremendous amounts of flack for my twitter account + I actually was a Facebook member (why am I capitalizing facebook?) briefly (I deleted my account so don't go searching for it. It's no use).

People will say, "didn't you get the invite?"
"What invite," looking strangely then quickly realizing this conversation is going to be about facebook.
"The one on facebook of course!"
"Oh, I'm not on facebook. Kinda avoiding it."
"What?! Not on facebook."
"I know."
"Yea, I wouldn't sign up either."

That is how almost 98% of my "facebook" conversations go. People are astounded that I'm not on it, yet adamantly agree that I shouldn't "sign up" for it.   I also have a theory everyone is eventually just going to have a blog like this one with all their updates on it.  The more I look at my blog the more I realize it's almost just like facebook.  People can "comment" on it, see what I'm constantly up to, see what I take pictures of, what I listen to, what I design.  Oh dear.



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