I always have good blog posts when I'm not at my computer.  Usually when I'm in the Volvo or the shower or after playing a set.  So instead, I write about not having blog posts ideas in a blog post.

Road trip tonight to Charlotte.  Silver will be playing a Wild Wings.  Meh.

Scored free tickets to the Avett Bros./Dave Matthews show last night in Raleigh via my good friend Patrick.  He recently had a post about old records.  But back to the show, this is one I wouldn't normally chose to go to (unless I was 12 or 13 years younger), but when someone says, "hey free tickets."  The scene was quite hilarious actually.  Doobie galore kids!  We also saw some whitey dancing around in an over sized Addias track jacket and a beret.  Seeing Dave Matthews 10 years later now is like chop overload.  Technicality out the whazoo, but man, give me something with some meat behind it.  As a kid you're just crazily impressed with that stuff, especially when you're learning music.  Now it's just like Kool-Aid (remember this).

Entertaining to say the least.  We weren't disappointed and were awarded free front row parking for being late to the show.


PS - Give me back that fillet - o - fish.

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