If you didn't already know, we got U2 tickets last week.  If you are in Section 25 @ Carter Finley Stadium in give us a shout.  We'll be in row "B."  I'm just as excited to see Muse live as I am to see u2.  Two of my favorite rock bands for 30 bucks.  

To say the least I am giddy.

The Clean Living homes are coming along as well. I'm trying to keep myself busy.  The drawing above is a simple section of one the Large/Less plans I'm doing to keep the homes under 1K square feet.  Here is the  1st floor plan:

Here's the 2nd floor:

Now I'm playing with a sampler.  I wish you could make money drawing things and playing with samplers.  Silver has a show this weekend in Charlotte.  A small battle of the bands show.  I can't say I really like battle of the bands.  They seem so counter intuitive to what music is all about.  If we win we play in front of a lot of people in May.  If we lose, I go see Kings of Leon in Raleigh.  

I don't read my Bible enough.  Last week I don't think I read it all, but after yesterday I read it a good bit.  I read it again today and it was quite refreshing.  They key is to read it slowly.  I never thought I liked the red letters.  Turns out I do.


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