Apparently I've developed this.

If you're too lazy to click on the link, it's an article on drummers and tennis elbow.  I started noticing a minor pain in my elbow a few weeks ago after adjusting my throne to a lower sitting position to get more power in my legs whilst playing.  I think it may have attributed to this ridiculously nagging pain in my elbow.  

So now I'm working on these excercises while trying not to type too long (because that can make it worse too).  

Check out this too (its safe).  There are more here (also safe).  And I better stop typing and do some work.  

Happy Monday.



Dana Enzor said...

A little bird told me you were a hypochondriac. haha! :)

Revolu said...

now who would have mentioned this?!

Anonymous said...

Come see me. For exchange of music in my new tv commercial I will fix arm. Must sound like DJ Flex.

Dr. Garcia