I just feel I need to post.  I have no friggin idea what to post about.  But I'm reading Ryan Adams twitters right now (why I use twitter...I have no idea).  He says things like:

Good to see Mandy hasn't taken away your edge Mr. Adams.  His website of satanic death metal tunes is interesting as well.  Dunno what to even say about a song called "Dead People Unite."  Clearly this is a joke right?

I'm also starving right now so Kate has gone out to get some pizza ingredients.  What are you hungry for right now? 

I finished the Cooper River Bridge Run thanks to my wife Jess.   I finished in 44:33.  Not a bad number.  Sounds kind of lucky.  Perhaps some luck will come my way very soon.  

I also just bought this book.  Trying to do some more research for the Clean Living website so I can really start putting some sustainable homes together.   

And this:

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