I can't spell.  I always did well on those tests in elementary + middle school, but never could hack the gauntlet that is the Spelling Bee.  And I will capitalize those letters for it is just that.  I forgot how much I hate standing up in front of people and spelling a word I've never heard before.  I should have opted out when we got there.

So you are saying to yourself, "you entered yourself in a spelling bee?"  Precisely.  Not exactly what you are thinking of.  A website I frequent here in Raleigh called NewRaleigh has the story:

Jess, Kate + myself all entered.  Jess went out in the first round to some Japanese word.  Seriously.  I think when she told the announcer that she was a teacher of the English language he felt compelled to give her a word in another language completely.  The second round progressed to words of a much more complicated and unknown nature.  Kate went out on sequaciousness.  I got up slowly for my word that sounded something like ger-min-iad.  Clearly I was out as the announcer so kindly stated, "you were out by the first letter, it should have started with a 'J.'"  Well thanks Andy.  I'll go cry now and polish up on my skills.  I can't find the word anywhere (probably cos I'm not remembering it correctly).  But even when I sound it out in my head, I can't get it to pop up on any credible search engines.

Bastards gave me a word that doesn't exist!  (why am I so competitive)


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David said...

It was a vailiant effort. I thought ya had it.. from what I could hear.