Yellow Jackets

I tell you what.  I don't like them.  Yellow jackets are stubborn little buggers.  Stubborn I tell you.  

I came in late last night from the Silver show + quickly after loading in all my gear noticed a massive yellow jacket floating around our ceiling light.  Mind you its 3:30 in the morning and I'm in noooooooo mood to fight with this thing, but my wife is waking up in 2 hours and what if it is still alive when she wakes?  We'll I'll tell you, I'd be waking up in another two hours as well to kill that damn thing so I decided to take it on.

After a few quick shots with a nearby dish towel El Missilio showed no signs of going down, but did show signs of weathering.  I took another shot upon which landed on Missilio's head.  He shook it off.  Shit. (Maybe I've hit him enough.  He can't last two hours).

So I go to turn the light off which is right beside the front door.  Missilio is hovering at the light above me.  I'm good right.  Missilio is too tired from my towel shots to notice me.  SHWAP!  SNAP!  He's on top of me.  Missilio is raining down rockets of fire!  And what's worse is I already turned the lights off!  

I run into my bedroom and slam the door and scare the ever living poo out of my wife + Nalitron. Only to then notice that El Missilio is the most persistant piece of weaponry I've ever laid eyes on. He followed me into the bedroom amongst hiding in my masses of long lockes.  

"Sorry Jess.  I gotta kill this thing."

I was at it for a solid 15 minutes.  Throwing a jab here, a jab there.  Patiently waiting.  Then, my moment appeared, Missilio made the fatal mistake of crawling into our laundry hamper.  

"You cannot hide from me MISSILIO!"  

Upon my battle cry I pounced and the battle was won.  It was now 3:45 and I'm sure Jess was pissed.  God help her, she had to teach America's youth in a few hours.  But I was victorious, and that is what mattered on this night.

Ahhhhh sleep.  


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