Dang.  I'm a hypochondriac says my wife.  My knee has been bothering me since my marathon.  It also doesn't help that I hurt my sciatic nerve unloading some drum hardware a few years back. Well now my knee hurts again dangit.  

My butt hurts too.  Like bad.

So I started thinking, "does my knee hurt because my butt hurts?"  And well hot dang!  Turns out I most likely have this:

I'm self diagnosing myself.  I do this a lot too cos I don't want to go to the doctor cos they cost too much and now, well, I don't know what I'm gonna do, but I can't keep running.  Apparently I need someone to massage my butt for like 30 minutes a day.  Maybe I'll enlist this guy?  Oh no. Bad idea.


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