Family Matters on Friday

Ok.  I'll admit it.  I have a man crush on these dudes.  (my third post in the last two weeks)

Ever since their show last Tuesday I was blown away with how well they compose.  I've read several reviews on the Cary show that said they "lacked energy."  I never got that.  They performed.  The other thing that struck me about them is that they are brothers.  They seem to constantly fight.  I can't imagine writing songs with family.  We'd probably fight all the time.  

Then again, my brother is an incredible musician + if I was in a rock band with him, I'd find it pretty humbling + quite a priviledge.  

So I wont post another ridiculous video by the Kings_of_Leon.  I'll just post a link in hopes that you might watch it all the way through because the ending is effing hilarious (its not a music video - I promise).


(I'll probably get some comment about how I like them because they have a drummer that kinda looks like Jesus from a distance + it makes me feel better about my beard.  Well fine.  I've had my beard longer.)

And now I'm done.

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