As far as driving goes, this was mine.  Hecks yes!  A Toyota Cressida.  There is no denying that this vehicle was about the sickest vehicle I may have ever driven.  I wish I'd known it at the time, and I would've pressed my father more on helping me fix that oil leak.  I tried to find one of these machines of beauty after selling my Tacoma last summer.  No luck, so I'm left with this. Still just as good.  

First CD?  Hecks yes!  Pearl Jam "Ten."  I then preceded to muck it up with the Ace of Base hit album "The Sign."  And now it's stuck in your head.  Sing it out loud.  You want to or read this little bit on how to get songs out of your head.  Apparently a commenter on the NewRaleigh site said he does this to get songs out of his head:

The best way I've found to get stuck songs out of your head is to do some sort of math/calculations.  just start picking random numbers and add or multiply them for the easiest option.  Personally, I pick 2 small number and do a fibonacci sequence (1+1=2, 1+2=3, 2+3=5, ect) with them, but I'm a dork.

Uh more than that buddy.  Sounds more painful than the Ace of Base song.  But onto more FIRSTS!

First beer?  Hecks yes!  Oh wait.  This doesn't deserve celebration.  It's probably the worst beer ever.  Sorry.  I can't claim PBR or Schlitz or some other hipster beer here.  

First R movie?  No answer.  I saw this movie at the library sitting in the VHS (remember those!?) rack when I was a kid, thought Tom Cruise looked cool (really did I?) and somehow convinced my grandmother to check out the movie for me.  I don't know what she was thinking, but she did.  She left me in the living room eating cheese + crackers as I was enlightened about mixed drinks and dancing in your socks.  According to the Wiki article the film won two Golden Raspberry Awards (no idea what that is) for Worst Film and Worst Screenplay and Tom Cruise won an award for Worst Actor.  Fitting.

What are your FIRSTS!? 


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AshleyM said...

I have to admit that Ace of Base "The Sign" was my first CD.