There's this whole battle between Raleigh + Charlotte apparently. Some dude made shirts + stickers that said:

Raleigh > Charlotte

Personally I agree with him. I'm from Charlotte, but Raleigh is much, much greater than Charlotte mostly because Capital Blvd. hasn't become as depressing as Independence Blvd. (not yet anyways). I hate driving down that gawd forsaken street. It's incredibly drab. But when Charlotte got that Ikea, gotta say, we here in Raleigh got some jealousy going on: via NewRaleigh.  

So now living in Raleigh and being from Charlotte, the debate rages.  Which one is better?  And how and why has this whole debate started?  People from Charlotte demand that Raleighers are just filled with hate.  Why would we want to put equations on t-shirts + stickers proclaiming one city is better than another?  

Brotha Fred doesn't agree:

Apparently if you have a greater population that gives you points. As well as a Nascar + cheap beer drinking population. You don't need to watch the whole thing. Really. You don't.


Oh + Happy 5th of Mayo!


heanguy said...

Charlotte: Carolina Panthers (+2), National Whitewater Center (+2), UNCC (-1), Charlotte Bobcats (-1), Boring downtown (-1), US AIR (-5), Queen City (-1)

Raleigh: Carolina Hurricanes (+1), Hillsborough St (+1), NCSU (push), Beltway (-2), Southwest Airlines (+1), Sir Walter Raleigh (-4).

Final Tally: Charlotte- minus 5; Raleigh- minus 3.


Revolu said...

-4 for sir walter heang? that was harsh son!

Anonymous said...

Raleigh>Columbia That makes more sense. Those are similar cities.

But why even take the time to make up this fake rivalry. Charlotte isnt making any noise about it. They are not even making shirts saying they are better than Atlanta.

The other guy crying about some rivalry is like....

Oakland Raiders > New England Patriots

myrtle beach > Charleston

Natural lite > Stella

UNCP > Chapel Hill

Just makes the guy sound jealous. Although I agree that Raleigh is a great city. So is Asheville. Not better. Just different. It is the capitol, a college town. Does Asheville say they are better than Raleigh? It does sound childish and a bit jealous to make those shirts.

And dont worry about your roads turning into independence blvd. Charlotte tax payers will pay for any road, park, program you all need. Just ask an elected official who lives there and has to drive in the city. Why would they want to help a city they don't live in or have to deal with? Charlotte will just get whatever asphalt is leftover.

need to make new shirts:

Brian said...

i like both cities. But I also like wilmington and boone. So does that mean I have to pick which one is better? Drat!

Revolu said...

Apparently Raleigh got best burger in the state:


via the Raleigh Times

Brian, Boone wouldn't win cos its too trafficky and developed. There's a Walmart less that a mile from the ASU campus (-18 on Heang's scale up there). Wilmington is mad cool, but UNCW is poo poo. Wrighstville is also the closest beach + it's mad annoying now, but the downtown is sweetness.

Anonymous said...

"Capital Blvd. hasn't become as depressing as Independence Blvd. (not yet anyways). I hate driving down that gawd forsaken street"

Indpendence is not a street it is a federal highway onwed by the state which is ran in Raleigh which has put a choke-hold (they are dripping in dollars slowly and puting everything on hold until they decided when they are expanding) on development around the area until they are done paying for their pet projects and other worthless roads in Hicksborovilleburg. All while Charlotte's bypass is still waiting to be completed. All this is still with Charlotte's tax dollars. So if those we elected in Raleigh would spread the wealth away from their bypass and hometowns we could have a normal highway like normal cities..or cities that are not Charlotte.