Fresh My Farm

We drove by this place in Charlotte, Gus' Sir Beef, that had a sign that said "Fresh my Farm" on the top line and "Vegatables" on the bottom line. I can guess what "Fresh my Farm" means, but I'm not really sure why it's phrased that way. Like some country dude said, "yeaYUP! dem veggies came fresh my farm." Awesome. Now give me some squarsh.

I've never been to Gus' but if I lived in Charlotte I think I'd have to frequent it at least once. I know there are several Charlotteans that read this blog (as evidenced from my war post). So if you've graced the doors of this establishment, please to let me know your experience there.



robin said...

squarsh... that's how Zack says it. of course.

murph said...

i thought it was an X-zibit MTV spin off. Kinda like pimp my ride.

Ashley said...

I went there once like 15 years ago because my brother said it was great. I remember thinking it was not so great and haven't been back since. Every Charlottean should probably try it at least once. If I want "Fresh my Farm" cookin', I'll go to my Grandpa's.

AshleyM said...
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Revolu said...


What are you talking bout kid?