My hipsterism continues to grow as I'm now listening to a band with one of the greatest hipster LP covers of all time, M83. Check out this cover dudes:

Yep. Hipsters. The girl in the back looks like she has the bunny head from Donnie Darko. If it is girl, don't make that peace sign cos that thing creeped me out in the movie. But skeleton pajamas, wasted cut off sleeve t-shirt, skinny jeans that don't fit, bowling shows with a prom dress. Yea. Nothing fits + I'm starting to figure out that's what hipsterism might be.

All that to say, the album is really, really good. Very 80's sound of course + along the lines of a lot of stuff I've been listening to these days (Passion Pit). I won't review albums, just their album covers. They have a video too that is pretty hipsterish, but gotta say I like it.


PS - uh oh, there's some girl talking in the background of the album now kinda freaking me out.

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