"We are all believers." 

Rob Bell said that.  Someone probably said it before him, but I just read it in one of his books.  I just talked about belief a few posts below.  It's funny how we use words and they get interpreted different ways.  I live with an English teacher so I know what it's like to misuse words.   I do it often.  

But really, if you think about it.  We all believe in something.  Even if you say you don't, you do. There's no way out apparently.  

I've been listening to copious amounts of Diane Ream + Bob Dylan.  It's raining in Raleigh + its cool (oh thank the lawd for that).  I'm ready for fall.  It's not even summer.  I'll wait + continue to listen to Bob Dylan.  

Off to Puerto Rico in a week.  So there will be one place I won't be for a week - here.  

I really want to play my drums.  


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