No not my alma mater, but the kinds that go on t-shirts. Like patriotic kinds. Check this post yall:

I thought wolves were out + eagles + elk + unicorns were in, but who knew. Hipsters must be eating this stuff up. (I'm not one, I mean yea, no, I'm confused).

I completely contradicted my last post and posted on something completely pointless + mindless. But it's good to reminisce.

Ever have a wolf t-shirt?

Actually don't answer that. Ever have any article of clothing with any kind of animal on it? Yea?Please let me know.



robin said...

wait. did wolf tshirts EVER go out of style?

Revolu said...

good point. dangit!

Chris said...

i had a pretty bitchin wolf sweater when i was a kid, my grandma got it for me. it disappeared and i can't pinpoint when (or who, for that matter).

Ashley said...

I'm pretty sure I didn't have any wolf t-shirts, but I did have a UNC t-shirt with the Tasmanian Devil on it. Does that count as an animal?

Revolu said...

chris? a wolf sweater? really? and you don't know where it is? that could be a real gem. i don't ever think i've seen a sweater version!