Twitter is somewhat revolutionizing our internet waves. Whatever JPatrickdowning.com wants to tell you. I was thinking about blog posts the other day + how lots of people have blogs. Even my wife, who was somewhat anti-blog when I started mine 3 or 4 years ago, has a blog.

She's now anti-twitter. And it's a good thing, cos it keeps me in check. Trust me.

This isn't a complaint.

But now that everyone in my demographic (25-35) has a blog, myspace, twitter or facebook page (or all of the above) it seems, to me anyways, that they are almost the same thing. Take twitter for instance, its basically a blog post limited to 140 characters. So basically all of these "pages" are thoughts and/or representations of our thoughts and ourselves.

So I guess we've come full circle. We aren't really revolutionizing anything + JPatrickdowning.com is right for now. The future is right here.

Do you have a blog? Post it.

Do you think the internet is stupid or just people on the internet are stupid?

Are we in the middle of a revolution like the industrial revolution, it's just happening with the internet?


PS - inspiration for this post came from Shannon Smith's blog when he couldn't tweet a crazy, awesome picture of his son + decided to blog about it instead. See April 14th.

I guess I could've just tweeted all this in 140 characters.


Murphy said...

I think this is less of a revolution and more of a progression. The same way that cell phones, e-mail, texting were. This is just another tool of communication to add to our arsenal. Blogs are stationary letters, facebook is a fancy e-mail address book.. Instead of pressing send, you press update. (This is all until the next Friendster, myspace (remember that one), google wave comes along and we all switch to that one). Twitter, I am afraid, does not fill any need or role. Just a media hype driven fad. Goal is to inflate numbers (only 40% are considered active account members….60% sign on the see what the hype is about) and then a sell to Murdoch, Buffet, Gates. More so Twitter and Facebook more times than not are just a way for people to be a holes….but without seeming to be a total a-hole.


“Looks like I will just have to Tivo Oprah and watch it on my 100 foot flat screen after my dinner with the ghost of Michael Jackson at the restaurant you never heard of in Atlantis (like the old one).”
“Man I I hate Mondays….Another playdate with Ella and Emma and Aiden at the neighborhood pool at two. I sure hope that the pool staff stocks the mini-bar with gold this time.”

No one will write "I love thunderstorms" But they wil write "I love thunderstorms in Paris...."

What blogs, twitter, facebook, etc. does explain or show, is not a revolution, but a mirror of the state of our culture and our future. We are becoming a massive group of narcissistic people that think we are entitled to way too much. And why not share our likes, dislikes, opinions with others.

Not to see it isnt worthless. It's fun.
I for one enjoy blogs of people I know. It's fun.

Feel free to dislike or not add me as friend.

murphy said...

and ps. I plan to do the things I hate and be just narcissistic as the rest.


looking forward to my nap on my day off today!