My calves are twitching while I type. I embarked on what was going to be a 61 mile bike ride. It turned into 70. I don't know what I was thinking. It's one of the hardest things (minus marathon) that I've ever done. I hadn't trained. I just wanted to ride really far.

Here's the route (I have no idea who Tammy Lynn is):

I feel pretty good now, but the last 20 miles were actually pretty grueling. I ran out of water, but was blessed with a gas station at mile 58 upon which the awesome country dude inside let me get as much water as I wanted with ice! It was glorious to say the least. Upon refueling, I thought I'd be golden to at least make it back to where Jess was working (4 miles shy of my house, but still 4 miles shy). I had 12 more miles to go.

I couldn't do it. Struggling up Centennial Drive on the NCSU's campus my quadriceps froze and said no more. I hadn't felt that since the marathon + upon realizing I'd done the trip with an average speed of around 18 miles an hour at around 3 hours and 45 minutes, I was pleased. I collapsed under a tree and waited for my ride.

The route above is quite beautiful with rollings hills + fields. You pass three lakes (Lake Wheeler, Lake Johnson, Sharon Harris Lake) on the route as well.

The Tour de France has been heating up as well with Lance Armstrong basically being dominated yesterday by Spaniard and fellow team mate Alberto Contador. No one's really said that before, so it was something pretty foreign to see. Either way, when you see guys climbing like this all day (yesterdays Stage 15 was 128 miles long) and then see someone accelerate while climbing a hill with a pretty nasty grimace on their face you're pretty dumbfounded.

It doesn't seem human.

The race is heating up now in the Alps so if you just want to watch a few stages, these would be the stages to see. Another thing that can humble you a bit:

An 8 year old climbing in the Col du Columbiere (a high mountains stage in the Tour de France).




Shannon Smith said...

That kid wasn't even struggling.

Revolu said...

I know right? And he's carrying on a pretty decent conversation at that. Didn't even seem winded.

heanguy said...

I know how the legs shutting down feeling goes. And it never goes well. Kudos to you friend. Let's ride together soon.