And the Volvo turned up dead upon return from Puerto. Called AAA + they jumped it. Just hoping it runs for a little while longer. The Rico was a good trip. It was a whirlwind to say the least (just ask me about it) + check Pat's blog on what we ate most of the time we were there.

Upon getting back into Miami, we drove 2.5 hours, camped + then hit Raleigh for about 14 hours before leaving for DC for a Silver show the next day in DC @ IOTA Club. After a weekend in DC we are finally home for awhile. Still busy as Silver has a show this weekend, but in Raleigh + then its a little time to write + record demos. I'll shameless plug our show this weekend. If you are in Raleigh this Friday:


I've finally gotten back to writing some after reading a good bit on the trip. It's good to have time to read + gain inspiration from things. Check out Rob Bell's newest one. I won't discuss it here, though it is a book ripe for discussion. He says things like:

Every revolution needs a spark, an icon to capture people's attention, an event that overcomes despair and atrophy that years of oppression create. And whatever it is, whatever event or figure or symbol sends the people over the edge into the future, that image becomes the defining memory of the that has just begun.

People need a catalyst, a symbol, a picture of what freedom will look like. Otherwise, they might keep quiet, they might continue to tolerate the old regime, they just might keep making bricks.

It's a good book on thinking about our beliefs + the world around us, to keep moving + no longer be stagnant in our own little bubbles.


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