What is happening?

Have I really not blogged since Monday?

It seems like 2 weeks have gone by. Jess + I are house hunting + it's our first house. It's also an education. It's also gone really fast. We've been fortunate in our credit + have a good realtor + the entire process has gone really, really quickly (I said that already, sorry). So we've packed a lot into this week.

Pat + I are also doing hardwood floors at a local studio in Raleigh. We are hoping it will get us some studio time with Silver in the future, but it's also making time go fast as well as slow. It's hard to seem like there have been only 4 days in this week.

I miss my bike already. Maybe that is why this week seems so fast yet long. I haven't been on my bike since my last post.

I do love my Raleigh.

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