A few musical notes. The new MuteMath is really good if you are looking at purchasing something new. Some of my records this year:

Josi + Alex
The Dead Weather

I've heard the new Imogean Heap + it sounds interesting though I won't bite the bullet. There is apparently a new Kings of Leon remix album coming out as well. The article is over at Pitchfork. A taste of a remix can be found here: "Knocked Up (Remix)" Interesting.

Also check out Radiohead's "These Are My Twisted Words." It's a good track + is still up for FREE. Some "old people" reviewed the track (I've put one of these hilarious vids up before, but will refrain this time around). Check out Joe in this one. He apparently likes the Radiohead's new track finding it quite "musical," but could really care less about listening to it on a daily basis. The other two dismiss it as trash. To be expected.

Hit me with anything you've been listening to. I'd love to add it to the list.



robin said...

b- check out Kovacs & the Polar Bear- friends of ours.

Anonymous said...

dark was the night cd(s) are worth picking up.