I don't post on these sites often mostly because they are for professional use, but I've updated my own business site/blog + graphic design site/blog in hopes to generate some revenue in this crazy recession. Here are the URLs:

www.brentfrancese.com - Music, Architecture, Construction, Graphic Design - all of my work in a nutshell
www.revoludesigns.com - Graphic Design specific

+ In other news, the new Muse came out this week. Its uh? Ok? I'm not sure what to think of it really.

+ Visio Dei has a corporate worship night this evening (Friday in like 3 hours). I'm playing drums + I'm thrilled.

+ The Mirrors have a show in Raleigh tomorrow (that's Saturday in like 27 hours) - Brier Creek Wild Wings - woot!

+ Jess is in Asheville. Boooo!


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