The Fall good. Here are my reasons why.

1. It's cool after it's hot. Like dank southern humidity hot for 4 months and I'm ready for some coolness. Cool is better.

2. The leaves. There is color. And not just any color. Fall colors. I love them. They have those traces of grey.

3. Football. Nothing left to be said here. Football in the US + in England starts up. And Ultimate Frisbee. I'll lump that here too.

4. Creativity. I'm just more creative in the fall. I think. I read. I write. I draw. Listen to all sorts of great music. Mostly Radiohead + Ryan Adams + Bon Iver.

5. The beer. Gotta mention it. Fall beers are the greatest. Don't get me wrong. I dig some Stella + Seirra Nevada + such, but those fall beers are the greatest. Highland (in Asheville, NC) has some glorious ones. Sam Adams Oktoberfest. Spaten Octoberfest. All Ocktoberfest! I absolutely dig it.

Your fav season? Reasons? Worst?



Ginny said...

I love fall too. Possibly my favorite season. Octoberfests and Pumpkin Ales and Bon Iver are pretty much the perfect combination. I also love Halloween, the crisp air, the state fair. ....

Ashley said...

Fall is amazing. The crisp, coolness in the air. Football. Lots of football. Pumpkin spice lattes. Pumpkin everything. Layers and breaking out the hoodies, sweaters, and boots. Halloween. The colors. Chili. Fall nights. I even love the rainy fall weather we've been having.

Revolu said...

Good call on the fair, but must say I am admittedly a "Fair Scrooge." But hoodies + boots + sweaters...yes sir! Must say I am there.